Abuse of Power

Wann`a evidence?

INS = Abuse of Power

The Israeli nexus
Abuse of Power over aliens!

American policy regarding immigration is a deception!

Too many Americans habitually abuse foreigners regardless of the law,
because of their alienage and lack of rights.

. . . .  INS (the 'pimps') violated the law.
Initially, they instructed me to make a charge, alleging discrimination because of national origin.
The OSC found that the employer fired me because I refused to collaborate in fraud.
This was true (as well), but it was a legal trick to dismiss the whole case.
There is a reason to believe that INS officers were engaged in racketeering activity
with my American employer, improperly helping the firm
to obtain an H-1 visa my beneficiary.
I was unaware to this misconduct . . .

Doron Tal

69a Ramim St.
Karmiel 21862

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